The DigiPledge

About the DigiPledge

Kids spend a large amount of time online learning, socialising and in some instances, gaming, when they reach Secondary school.

While there are many benefits, socialising online can present a number of problems, from cyberbullying to trolling and peer pressure.

Using real life scenarios, the DigiPledge teaches adolescents how to make the right choices online and explore the consequences of making poor decisions.

Why do the DigiPledge?

“The DigiPledge gives you the chance to talk to your kids about their online world. By doing this, they’ll be more comfortable coming to you if they’re being hassled or bullied online. And that’s exactly what you want them to do.” – Kate Everett

The Modules

  • Digital Services
  • Protecting privacy
  • Searching & researching
  • Creating & sharing
  • Social networking & gaming
  • Communicating safely online
  • Relationships & reputations
  • Credits, coins & tokens

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Take the DigiPledge

Consisting of eight modules, the DigiPledge explores several topics including protecting privacy, social-networking & gaming and communicating safely online to name a few. These topics and more are covered in more detail throughout the eight-module course. When all topics are successfully completed, users receive a DigiPledge certificate in acknowledgement of having the skills and knowledge to safely explore the online world.

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With the DigiPledge, you are:

Protecting children

By developing critical digital skills, you’re helping protect your children against cyber bullying, privacy breaches, scams, fraud, identity theft as well as exposure to inappropriate content.

Empowering positive decisions

Children learn to embrace the benefits of the online world and to make smart choices. The real-life situations let children to explore the cost of their choices in a safe space.

Encouraging communication

Parents also learn key elements of the online setting to gain confidence and discuss them with their children.

Checking progress

Your personal dashboard lets you see your child’s progress. You can easily see topics where more work may be needed for your child and where they are racing through.

Providing comprehensive and flexible learning at school and home

We know every child is different so we’ve made it easy for you to adapt the eight hours of online learning at home.

Getting all the support you need

We have all the resources you’ll need to help support you along your DigiPledge journey. View these by visiting the Hot Topics section on the Parent Hub.

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