About the Parent Hub

Earlier this year we surveyed the Dolly’s Dream community, asking: what brings you to Dolly’s Dream? We heard that many of you have been affected by bullying, and you’re worried about your kids.

The online world is opening up new experiences to them – some of them good, some of them challenging – and you want to know more about this world they dip into so that you have the knowledge to have the right conversations with your kids. That’s why we have launched the Parent Hub.

This website has been designed as an educational site for parents looking to learn more about what kids are likely to see online. We cover topics such as bullying, stranger danger, porn, respectful relationships, and more.

Our videos, fact sheets and articles have been created so you can have the confidence to tackle any online issues your kids may bring to you.

About the Video

Every day kids are being bullied online, and sometimes it’s done right under our noses – at the dinner table, while watching television, in the bath. Gone are the days where parents could see schoolyard bullying, now the antagonisers are sitting behind a screen, hidden from view, yet always there.

Our powerful online bullying video, Are Your Words Doing Damage? offers a glimpse of what many kids are facing day after day, calling out the dark world of online bullying and exposing the issues that the modern kid can face.

Take a moment to watch this exploration of bullying in the modern world.

Thank you

We couldn’t have done all this without support from you, the Dolly’s Dream community, and some of our amazing partners who have leant their time and expertise to this amazing project.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to:

Filmmaker Charlotte McLaverty – for writing and directing the online bullying video, Are Your Words Doing Damage? As a 15-year-old, Charlotte is perfectly placed to offer a unique glimpse of the world of online bullying.

Cox Inall – for producing Are Your Words Doing Damage?, and helping us make even more people aware of the devastating effects of online bullying.

Billy Eilish – for loaning your beautiful music to Are Your Words Doing Damage?

The Dolly’s Dream team – for all the work that has been done in the background to get this new site off the ground.